Friday, February 27, 2015


Pangngalan (nouns) - Tagalog nouns follow an Austronesian alignment (also known as "trigger system") which is a distinct feature of the Philippine language.

Three basic cases: direct, indirect, and oblique.

                           Direct (ang)                                    Indirect (ng)               Oblique (sa)

singular             ang, 'yung (iyong)                           ng, n'ung (niyong)           sa

plural                ang, mgá, 'yung mgá (iyong mgá)    ng, mgá, n'ung mgá        sa mgá

personal            si                                                        ni                                    kay


personal            sina                                                     nina                                kina

Panghalip (pronouns)

  Direct (ang) Indirect (ng) Oblique (sa)
1st person singular ako ko akin
1st person dual kita/kata nita/nata kanitá/kanata (ata)
1st person plural inclusive tayo natin atin
1st person plural exclusive kamí namin amin
2nd person singular ikáw (ka) mo iyó
2nd person plural kayó ninyó inyó
3rd person singular siya niya kaniya
3rd person plural silá nilá kanilá


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